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B12 Alliance

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An International Charity (charity reg. no. 1147839) that is based in Bridgend, South Wales. The society was founded in 2005 by the current Executive Chairman, Martyn Hooper. The original aim of the society was simply to provide an easy to understand explanation of Pernicious Anaemia to newly diagnosed patients – at the time there was no such information available. It quickly became obvious that there were serious issues with the way in which B12 Deficiency in general, and Pernicious Anaemia in particular, is diagnosed and treated. The society was entered onto the U.K’s Charity Commission in July 2006.

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The B12 Society is a Scottish registered charity (SC046066) first launched in September 2015. We are all volunteers and began as a patient group with four founder members who still serve as trustees, each taking our own role as committee members working together to support those who experience vitamin B12 deficiencies, and provide accurate up-to-date education on the condition for health professionals.

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